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Fast, Easy, and Profitable!

Make it a snap with Snap-Tite Escutcheons

Why Snap-Tite Escutcheons?

Because the average time required to install a set of ladder or railing escutcheons is approximately 1 hour!


And, it can take even longer if:


  •  there is trouble with the anchors

  • the railing or ladder has been cemented into the deck

  • the deck has been redone and the anchors are buried beneath a new deck

  • the pool has been refinished and the anchor on the step is now covered up

  • you do not have the resources to remove the railing or ladder 


Leaving you and your customers frustrated!


At, Snap-Tite Escutcheons we have solved all those frustrating escutcheon replacement problems through our snap-tite design that makes your replacement job a snap and provides a beautiful pool escutcheon and happy customers!


Snap-TIte Escutcheons designed and manufactures the original two-piece snap together escutcheon that:


  • Increases your profit in minutes with minimal labor

  • Makes your project look clean and professional

  • Requires no special tools for installation

  • Offers your customers a choice of colors to match their deck and finish

  • Makes your customers happy by keeping their installation costs low


So dress up your pool railings and ladders with an escutcheon from Snap-Tite Escutcheons

All in the time it takes to test the water.



Ask your local supplier for Snap-Tite Escutcheons 

or call 561-945-2622 or 1-800-541-1964

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